Halfway to Schist


Fine Weather, Georgian Bay by J.E.H. MacDonald – inspirational for the story.

Jane “Red” Rogers is the daughter of two geologists, so her childhood has been overshadowed by all things about tectonic plates, mountain formation, and glaciation. When her mother commits suicide, Red and her father embark on an adventure to head up to an island in the Georgian Bay area of Canada and restore an old family fishing lodge. Along the way, Red must navigate around submerged hazards resulting from the friendship with a local boy, an Anishinaabe man and his grandson, while trying to fit in with the rich crowd at the local hotel at the same time. All along this journey, her mother continues to teach her how the lessons of geology and glaciation are as applicable to people as they are to rocks and ice.


Photograph of three Canadian youths which has helped envision the characters in Halfway to Schist.

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