A Perfect Confluence

“Showing a genuine flair for originality and the kind of narrative driven storytelling skills that keeps his readers fully engaged from first page to last, ‘A Perfect Confluence’ by Peter Bridgford is unreservedly recommended for community library General Fiction collections.” – Midwest Book Review

“In this novel, a young man’s grave mistake forces him into a dangerous adventure that heals him in unexpected ways.” – Kirkus Review

“Bridgford’s multidimensional characters display both flattering and unflattering traits, and his practiced storytelling chops keep the tale percolating in many shades of gray and moving at a brisk pace. Readers may be in for an all-day read or a long night with this novel because the river journey is truly addictive from beginning to end. Noah and Becca’s fans will cheer them on to a vibrant new life.” – The U.S. Review of Books 


A Perfect Confluence full cover

(September 2019)
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A Perfect Confluence

Noah has finally gotten himself under control. With the help of his friends, he’s not only clean and sober, but he’s carved out a new and good life for himself in Buffalo, New York. But when he finds himself entrapped in an ill-advised relationship with a woman from a powerful and dangerous crime family, he lets his demons run free again. This causes his life to unravel so quickly and completely that he has no other option than to flee from his troubles.

As he paddles his canoe on the Allegheny, the river begins to wash the toxins from him. The beauty of the surrounding wilderness and the challenges of traveling alone in an open boat help him start the healing process. After being struck down by a debilitating sickness, he’s nursed back to health by a mysterious young pregnant woman who turns out to have as burdened a past as him. And since they’re both on the run, they decide to continue down the river…together.

When they enter the mighty Ohio, Becca and Noah find themselves paddling through a much bigger world. The towns, the locks and dams, the towboats and barges, and the trials and tribulations of river life – each of these grows in size the farther that they travel. And, all the while, they’re so sure that their pursuers are nipping at their heels that they don’t dare stop. As they continue to overcome every obstacle and challenge thrown at them, Becca and Noah fall in love and begin to dream of a new beginning together. But just as they are about to embark on a new path, their troubles do catch up to them.

If they’re going to survive and get free from their pasts, Noah needs to decide whether Becca is the diviner and agent of their shared future together or the author of his demise. And whether he knows it or not, he’s part of a plan that has been unfurling since the two of them first met.

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A Perfect Confluence:

“To answer your earlier question, Noah, I am the shark. Sharks hunt alone. Sharks are completely ruthless. Wolves take care of their young — which means they have some compassion — but sharks eat their young. I will swallow you whole in one bite if you err here, young man. The fact is, this whole matter was settled before you even walked into my office today. You showed some chutzpah for coming in here, yes, but that doesn’t change your situation. You are still faced with a straightforward and simple choice. Do you want to live or to die?”

*       *        *       *       *      *      *

“If you are havin’ second thoughts, Noah, this’d be the time to take off and leave me. You could just start running and never look back, and, with no Guerros left to hunt ya, you’d be a free man. I love you so much, I’d even give ya at least three steps before I pulled my gun outta my bag to stop ya. By that time, you could be halfway ’round this block and out of harm’s way.”

Her threat made Noah freeze in place. Becca had just executed Francesco Guerro effortlessly. She was a marksman who never missed.

There was no real doubt within Noah about continuing on with her, but he made sure not to move a muscle or to give her one of the three countable steps she’d given him to back up her threat.

He stiffened, and Becca let out an easy and warm laugh that immediately put him at ease.

“Oh, Noah. Course I’m kiddin’ around with you. You and I both know you’re comin’ with me so we can find the promised land together. Plus, I’d never aim a gun at ya, my love.”

He smiled at her, walked up and took her arm back into his, and started walking again. It was time to get back on the river, paddle away from trouble yet again and head toward the new future that awaited them.

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